Physical Injury, Running Knee Pain

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    Personalised Approach

    Everyone is different, the reason you have a particular health concern is not necessarily the reason someone else has that same condition. Because of this I take an individual and tailored approach to your care plan. Your care plan may include many Naturopathic approaches including :- positive lifestyle changes like making dietary changes, therapeutic exercise , sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques. Balancing hormones, improving gut health, supporting adrenal function, and addressing nutritional deficiencies. Organising pathology testing, reading current tests that you may already have...and the list goes on, depending on your individual needs and situation. This is definitely not a cookie cutter approach.

    I may even need to concurrently refer you to another healthcare professional for specific advice.

    If required you will also receive pathology request forms via post or email, and pathology kits via post. These typically may include saliva testing for hormones, nutritional deficiency testing, hair mineral analysis, food sensitivity testing, complete digestive stool analysis to test lower gut function and range of other standard and functional tests. Please note tests are an extra cost, you will pay for these tests via the lab running the tests and its entirely your choice. Reports will be sent to me and we will then discuss the findings. And then additions to your initial appointment recommendations can be made with this new information.